Grandpa Eugene Escort

Author: man_cub
Created: 2012-09-19T11:53:30-0400
Edited: 2012-09-19T11:53:30-0400
Denizen Version: 0.76
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Description: One of those old fashioned walk-and-listen escort quests.

'Eugene escort':
  Type: Interact
    Mode: None
      Click Trigger:
        - CHAT "Well hi there youngster. Oh, I remember when I was young."
        - LOOK BOOKMARK:Eugene7 DURATION:10
        - WAIT 6
        - CHAT "My friends and I used to spend time near the windmill every day."
        - WAIT 6
        - CHAT "Would you be willing to escort me to it one last time?"
        - WAIT 1
        - HINT (SHORT)

      Chat Trigger:
          Trigger: /Yes/, I'll escort you.
          - ENGAGE
          - WAIT 2
          - CHAT "Really? Thank you so much!"
          - WAIT 2
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene0
          - CHAT "You know, §5Woodstock§f founded this town all by himself!"
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene1
          - CHAT "He came here with his family years ago. It's because of him that this town is even here."
          - WAIT 11
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene2
          - CHAT "He's seen it all, the rise of the empire, the threat of Herobrine, and even the ancient city of Karlan."
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene3
          - CHAT "The rise of the empire, now that's a good tale."
          - WAIT 4
          - CHAT "The city of §aRedcross§f basically sprung up overnight. Their markets and trade routes soon covered the whole world."
          - WAIT 6
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene4
          - CHAT "They practically run the whole land now, but they lead with honor and respect so no one much minds."
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene5
          - CHAT "As for §5Herobrine§f, well that's a tale that even I shudder to tell. I'll leave that to the priests at §aThe Ministry of Good News§f."
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene8
          - CHAT "Many new adventurers focus on the wrong things and end up losing themselves in the process."
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene9
          - CHAT "What makes a legendary adventurer is how he becomes one with the land he lives in, not how he uses it."
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene6
          - CHAT "It's about fusing all apsects of life together whether that be combat, farming, building, or leveling up."
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene10
          - CHAT "You listen here, sonny. Never forget to meet new people! The people of this land can help you out in ways you couldn't imagine."
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene11
          - CHAT "This is it! The last climb! Oh how I miss this."
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene12 I seem to recall that this mountain used to be smaller than this....WHEW!"
          - WAIT 8
          - WALKTO BOOKMARK:Eugene7
          - CHAT "Here we are! I'm not sure I could do that again! Isn't it beautiful up here? To the north is §aRedcross§f and to the west is §aAshara§f. Be sure to visit those cities!"
          - WAIT 8
          - CHAT "Well I suppose you deserve a little something for helping me."
          - GIVE MONEY QTY:10
          - NARRATE "You've received 10 §egold§f!"
          - WAIT 10
          - WAIT 120
          - DISENGAGE
          - COOLDOWN 'SCRIPT:Eugene escort' 64800
          Trigger: /No/, I'd rather not right now.
          - CHAT "Maybe some other time."

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