Notable Inventories

Author: Iroh
Created: 2014-04-04T21:30:48-0400
Edited: 2014-04-04T21:30:48-0400
Denizen Version: .9.4
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Downloads: 745
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Description: This is just a quick reference for storing and retrieving inventories.

***This is mainly so I don't have to bug calico-kid when I forgot how to do it xD

  type: world
    on store command:
    - note '[email protected]' as:<>tutorialinventory
    - inventory move o:<player.inventory> d:[email protected]<>tutorialinventory
    - inventory clear d:<player.inventory> 
    - determine fulfilled
    on take command:
    - inventory move d:<player.inventory> o:[email protected]<>tutorialinventory
    - inventory clear d:[email protected]<>tutorialinventory
    - determine fulfilled

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