Custom Command

Author: danton1983
Created: 2013-05-13T18:26:26-0400
Edited: 2013-11-29T17:43:40-0500
Denizen Version: 0.93
Views: 60
Downloads: 999
Likes: 3

Description: In this script I added an effect script to run, I added a check for which world their in and a delay so players don't spam the command. I hope you all enjoy!

Feel free to play around with the requirements for what you need it for.

Ingame simply do /vip command

Updated for version 0.93

  type: world
    on vip command:
    - ^if !<flag.p:VIPCooldown>
      && <> == World run VIP
      else if <> != World run NotInWorld
      else queue clear
    - determine passively fulfilled
    type: task
    - ^flag VIPCooldown duration:10
    - ^narrate "<&c><&l>Going to VIP area"
    - inject 'script:TPEffect'
    - ^random 2
    - teleport location:41,64,-49,World
    - teleport location:41,64,-35,World
    type: task
    - narrate "<&c>You need to be at World to use this command."

    type: task
    - ^playsound location:<player.location> sound:Breath volume:1 pitch:1
    - ^cast blindness duration:2 power:1  

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